Spring Bucket List Ideas For Everyone: 22 Things To Do (2024)

Have you ever made your own spring bucket list?

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The long winter ending means only one thing: it’s time to start thinking of great ideas for spring.

Spring comes with warmer weather, tons of beautiful blooms, and even more reasons to stay outdoors. Something about it just feels like the beginning of a new adventure. If you’re anything like us, ideas for spring day will pop up by the dozen!

This year, there were so many ideas for indoor and outdoor spring activities that we decided to make one big spring bucket list. Some of these are helpful if you’re planning a trip over spring break, others are great for spending quality time with the whole family, and some are completely free to do at home. If you want to make your own spring bucket list, you’ll definitely pick up a fun activity or two here.

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Check out our spring bucket list ideas right in time for the new season:

Spring Bucket List Ideas for Nature Lovers

1. Soak up the warmer weather and go outdoors

You don’t have to go too far to get started on fun spring activities. Go on a quick nature walk down your neighbourhood, suggest a family bike ride at the park, or dine outdoors at your favourite restaurant. Even the usual spots feel brand new during spring–it’s the best time to enjoy being outside!

2. Stop and smell the flowers (or better yet, make a spring bouquet)

Who doesn’t love spring flowers? Cherry blossoms, tulips, lilac, peonies–the list goes on. Take in the fresh scents and lush spring atmosphere as the flowers start to bloom. If you don’t have a spring garden at home, why not pick some wildflowers and make your own arrangement?

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3. Try bird watching–spring is a perfect season for it

Lots of birds migrate back in time for summer, so add this to your spring bucket list and reach for those binoculars. You can even try making or assembling your own bird feeder at home. It’s easy to do, and you can find the tools you need in most craft stores.

4. Have a picnic at the park

Picnics are one of the top activities in the spring. No spring bucket list is complete without it! Pack your favourite snacks, refreshments, and a picnic blanket, then head to your favourite park for a lovely afternoon under the sun.

5. Plant a tree (spring is the best time to start planting!)

Fruit trees, small fruit and vegetables, and roses are great for planting in the spring when the soil temperature is mild. Start planting in spring and your seedlings will have all year to spread their roots.

From late February to early March, vegetables like cabbages, kale, broccoli, cauliflower, and onions can be planted indoors. As March rolls forward, snow peas, spinach, fava beans, and arugula can be planted outdoors.

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6. Visit a butterfly garden or a botanical garden

Did you know that butterflies come out of winter hibernation during springtime? Add a visit to a butterfly garden or a botanical garden to your bucket list and see the beautiful butterflies for yourself.

Spring Bucket List Ideas for Families

1. Cozy up at home and spend time with family

April showers mean some days are meant for staying indoors, and it’s a great way to get creative with how you spend quality time with the family.

Bring out board games for a family game night, or build blanket forts in the living room and call it family camp. You can even take new family pictures while you’re at it! There are tons of ways to get both adults and kids involved in fun activities like these.

2. Go berry picking at a farm

One of the fun activities that get the whole family involved is berry picking. It’s simple enough that even toddlers and grandparents can join in on the fun. Add this to your spring bucket list and bring home your very own hand-picked berries.

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3. Catch a baseball game

The regular baseball season starts from late March to early April, so a ballgame can fit right into any spring bucket list. Don’t forget to order the classic hot dogs and boiled peanuts for the full audience experience.

4. Cool down with a water balloon fight

This is another one of the fun things to do in spring that’s easy to set up right at home. All you need are balloons and some space to run around in.

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5. Take the family out to mini-golf

Looking for spring activities for adults and kids of all ages? Bring everyone to the mini-golf course for a fun day of navigating unique obstacle courses. This is good for family bonding, problem-solving, and a bit of exercise for the family.

6. Celebrate the Easter festivities with DIY Easter eggs and an egg hunt

How about hosting an Easter egg hunt at home? The best part is that everyone can participate. Set up a spring crafts table and have kids and adults paint their own Easter eggs before these are hidden around the house. Don’t forget to commemorate the Easter egg hunt with lots of family photos!

Another sweet idea is to send “Happy Easter” cards to residents of a local nursing home. Small yet thoughtful actions like these will definitely be appreciated.

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7. Throw a Prank on April Fool’s Day

Spring is all about feeling light and carefree, and it just so happens that April Fool’s falls right in this season. Do something silly and playful to have your family laughing.

Spring Bucket List Ideas for Adventure Seekers

1. Plan a trip for spring break

A spring bucket list wouldn’t be complete without spring break. Why not go on a road trip somewhere new, or visit a country you’ve never been to before? From the beaches ofLos Cabos, all the way toTokyo, Japan, the possibilities are endless.

If you need some suggestions for your bucket list for spring break, check out our article below:

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2. Hike a new trail

Hiking is one of the best outdoor spring activities to do, since it’s easy and you can do it anywhere. You can add it to your spring bucket list ideas, whether it’s a short nature walk or an epic trail at a national park. Whichever trail you end up taking, exploring your natural surroundings on foot is one of the best ways to experience spring.

Another option is to go on a bike trail, which is also a great way to get around. A bike ride along the park will help you cover more ground and get you to the same views.

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3. Go on a hot air balloon ride

An exciting activity like this should definitely be on your spring bucket list. A hot air balloon ride in spring gives you a great view of all the spring flowers and foliage, andthere are tons of places that offer them.

4. Start planning your summer trip

As the spring season comes to an end, the summer months are right behind. That’s another travel opportunity coming up! Where would you want to go for the summer?

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Spring Bucket List Ideas for Homebodies

1. Shop for fresh produce at a farmer’s market

One of the best errands to run in the spring is doing groceries at farmer’s markets. Check out what’s in season, stock up on the freshest fruits and vegetables from your local farmers, and take advantage of the farmer’s market selection while you can.

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2. Bake fruity seasonal desserts

Whipping up seasonal recipes is a lot of fun, and it’s one of the most convenient spring bucket list ideas since you don’t have to leave the house to do it. Some popular spring desserts include berry pies, key lime or lemon cheesecakes, carrot cake loaves, and fruit chiffon cakes. Which one will make it to your spring bucket list?

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3. Open up a juice or lemonade stand

When spring gives you lemons, why not make your own lemonade stand? This is one of the fun things to do in the spring that has every family member participating. It’s a great way to spend quality time as a family, plus you get to earn a couple of dollars while you’re at it!

4. Host a Garden Tea Party

For a picnic with a little twist, invite friends and family over for a themed garden tea party. This is perfect if you have a small outdoor garden at home, so guests can soak up the warmer weather while enjoying their favourite snacks.

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5. Do some spring cleaning

The season’s not complete without a bit of spring cleaning. Sort through your winter clothes and spring clothes to see which ones to keep or donate. If you’re not making a dent in your spring reading list, maybe it’s time to spring clean and give some of those books away, too. Having your home nice and tidy should definitely be part of the spring things list.

Have any spring bucket list ideas we missed? What fun activities are on your own list? Share them with us!

Spring Bucket List Ideas For Everyone: 22 Things To Do (2024)


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