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Welcome to Flash Pack’s signature adventures – full of immersive, once-in-a-lifetime moments in the world’s most iconic destinations. These are experiences worth saving up for.

On these signature trips, we’ll take your experience to a whole new level, with exclusive activities, hand-picked accommodation and exceptional service… All in a day’s work for these above-and-beyond adventures.

We’re talking incredible wildlife encounters that will make you feel like you’re in a nature documentary. There’ll be adrenaline pumping activities that will give you the rush of your life, and you’ll be blown away by the most spectacular scenery our planet has to offer.

Whether it’s a big birthday or a ‘life’s too short’ epiphany, these are trips you’ll still be bragging about in 20 years’ time.Ready to live the dream?

Find your Bucket-List Adventure

12 Days in Japan Japan: Another World Loading prices...

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15 Days in The Americas Western Canada Loading prices...

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10 Days in The Americas Ultimate Argentina Loading prices...

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9 Days in The Americas Loading prices...

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13 Days in Asia Borneo: into the jungle Loading prices...

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9 Days in Rwanda Loading prices...

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9 Days in Tanzania Wild Tanzania Loading prices...

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11 Days in South Africa Bucket List South Africa Loading prices...

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7 Days in Kenya Kenya: Masai Mara safari Loading prices...

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15 Days in New Zealand New Zealand: An Epic Journey Loading prices...

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14 Days in Australia Loading prices...

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10 Days in Iceland Summer Iceland: Road Trip Adventure Loading prices...

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4 Days in Europe Finland's Secret Island Loading prices...

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8 Days in Norway Loading prices...

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18 Days in Antarctica Antarctic Circle Loading prices...

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15 Days in Antarctica Antarctica: the Final Frontier Loading prices...

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Bucket-List Adventures FAQs

Why are these trips more expensive than other Flash Pack adventures?

Extraordinary experiences don’t come cheap – otherwise everyone would be doing them. These carefully curated itineraries are full of exclusive opportunities, often in remote locations and with limited availability. We seek out the most characterful accommodation, the most trusted partners and the best local guides to make your trip extra special. The memory of these trips will stay with you long after the money has been forgotten.

Why should you go on a Bucket-list adventure?

When it comes to creating life’s really big moments, it can be hard to know where to start. How do you begin organising a gorilla trek in Rwanda, snorkelling with sharks in the Galápagos Islands or ice-hiking Argentina’s Perito Moreno Glacier – especially when you’re maxed out with work and only have two weeks of annual leave? Most importantly, how do you find a group of like-minded same-age travellers to share your experiences with? That’s where we come in. Using our expert knowledge and experience, we put together the perfect package to make sure your money will be well spent and your once-in-a-lifetime trip will be memorable for all the right reasons.

At Flash Pack, we ensure you’ll get the most out of your solo bucket-list adventure with our handcrafted group travel packages. Learn more about how it works.

What’s the difference between Flash Pack’s different travel styles?

All our adventures are friendship-focussed, with immersive activities, hand-picked accommodation and experienced local guides… but which trip style will you choose?

Classic: The perfect mix of adventure and comfort in some of the world’s top destinations. These trips are active and fast-paced with internal flights, excursions and most meals included.

Balanced: Even more affordable, slower-paced itineraries with more free time, minimal physical challenge and no internal flights. Fewer excursions and meals out but no compromise on quality.

Bucket-List: Once-in-a-lifetime trips with bespoke accommodation, exceptional service and exclusive activities. More expensive than our Classic adventures but worth saving up for.

Short stay: Three- to five- day trips offering the same level of immersion, adventure and group-bonding as our longer itineraries but in an affordable bite-sized package.

Why should you embark on a group solo trip?

We understand group solo travel can be daunting. But it just might be one of the best things you’ll ever do. Taking on new challenges is what we’re all about at Flash Pack and stepping that little bit outside your comfort zone is often a revelation.

You just need to be brave enough to take that first step – and trust us to take care of the rest… In return, you’ll meet like-minded people – all in their 30s and 40s – and make amazing new friendships along the way.

Why choose Flash Pack for your group solo travel adventure?

Back in 2014, our co-founder and keen traveller, Radha Vyas, spotted a gap in the group-tour market for people in their 30s and 40s. So, she set up Flash Pack to deliver immersive, experience-led group adventures for like-minded people at the same life stage. The vast majority of Flashpackers (98%, in fact) arrive solo, before travelling together – and leave having made a whole bunch of new friends.

Bucket-List Adventures| Page 2 of 2 | Solo Travel Groups | Flash Pack (2024)


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