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It’s understandable to get lost in the plot of Fortnite. Along with its constant rotation of new events and maps that reshape the battle royale, it feels like there’s always something to discover whenever you sit down and play the game. Now, everyone’s eyes are on a leak that pertains to Epic allegedly bringing back the OG map. That’s right, we’re talking about the Chapter 1 map—the one that started it all and helped Fortnite blow up to the worldwide sensation that it is now.

Fortnite has come a long way since its primitive design back in 2018, but still, that doesn’t mean most fans wouldn’t want to experience the original map again, at least for nostalgia purposes. Here’s what we know about the potential return of the Chapter 1 map so far.

The Fortnite Old Map is Coming Back, Leakers Say

According to multiple sources—ranging from Fortnite dataminers to leakers—this is all happening behind the scenes. HYPEX, one of the most reliable leakers for the game, is one of the many to jump aboard this theory. He indicates that the Chapter 1 map is returning, and it has something to do with a time-travel storyline, which will be the “reason” why everyone will head back to the original map.

The dataminers and leakers have deduced that the current time machine in Chapter 4 Season 4 will malfunction and send players back to the OG map with a similar loot pool. Meaning the old map will have its old weapons again. Then, things will rotate through the past seasons until everything’s eventually left behind again. Ultimately, though, the experiment will be finished when the game transitions to Chapter 5. Based on the reports, the entire schtick may only last a month if we’re lucky.

More Context About the Fortnite Old Map Coming Back

With the changes occurring for a month, we’ll cycle through all the different Chapter 1 seasons before Fortnite officially launches Chapter 5. Another Fortnite leaker—ShiinaBR—provided more context on what we can expect when the OG Fortnite map returns.

For starters, the time machine will lose control, causing a rift to open and teleporting our current map to the Chapter 1 map. The information gets a tad muddier at this point, but ShiinaBR points out that the maps would be mixed together. That said, this will result in the next season’s map having bits and pieces of the Chapter 1 map in it and will most likely rotate specific seasons every week. Old gun models are also set to return along with the rotating maps.

Will There Be A No Build Mode for the Chapter 1 Map?

The idea of the OG map returning has undoubtedly gotten the Fortnite fans riled up. Many still remember the glory days of the battle royale when it took the world by storm. Back then, we didn’t have to flip through four maps and have hundreds of licensed IP skins from different franchises.

Even if we go back to the OG mode, we’ll no doubt still have a No Build mode on that map. Sure, it would drastically change the dynamics and feel much different when you return to the original map after many years, but it’s neat. It’s like seeing an old friend for the first time in a while; they’re still that friend you know, but at the same time, you know they’ve changed.

Games Going Back to Their Roots is Normal

Seeing battle royale games returning to their original maps isn’t anything new. We’ve already seen Apex Legends and Warzone do this routinely, for instance; however, Fortnite still hasn’t done it—until now. We’ve indeed seen some locations from old maps appear, like the beloved Tilted Towers, but it’s not even part of the first version of the map. Having the entire OG map has never happened.

Other players wonder if the return of Fortnite’s Chapter 1 map means we’ll also have the oldest battle passes in the game, but that will never happen. That’s because when Epic released Fortnite for the first time, the game didn’t even have a battle pass yet—only a shop. Season 2 is where Epic Games implemented the battle pass, with skins like Sparkle Specialist and Black Knight appearing for the first time.

Too Good to Be True?

This hasn’t been confirmed by Epic Games yet, but since there are multiple trusted sources (ShiinaBR and HYPEX), there’s a high chance of it happening. It’s unclear what led to this move, but perhaps the developers hope to bring their Season 1 players back to Fortnite before Chapter 5’s launch this year. Old and new fans alike have always wanted to experience the OG map because it represents the game’s humble beginning before transforming into a multi-billion dollar hit.

We’ll have to wait for an official announcement to have more details on how exactly this will pan out, but there’s no question that players will surely flock back to Fortnite to at least give the game a look at how it was back in 2018. Who knows? Maybe even the Ghoul Trooper skin might also return for nostalgia’s sake.

Leaks, Rumors, and What to Expect – Gaming Hybrid (2024)


Why do game companies hate leaks? ›

Gamers are less engaged: Leaks deprive players of the thrilling reveal moment and gaming experience. This may cause them to experience less joy or excitement as they may already know what will happen, resulting in a worse overall experience.

What does it mean when a game is leaked? ›

A leak in the game industry is when an announcement, ether about a new game, new console or console revision, or price cut, is revealed before its intended date. Sometimes it is a retailer that accidentally leaks details about a future game or system, other times it's a industry insider or something else entirely.

When did the PS5 come out? ›

The PlayStation 5 (PS5) is a home video game console developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It was announced as the successor to the PlayStation 4 in April 2019, was launched on November 12, 2020, in Australia, Japan, New Zealand, North America, and South Korea, and was released worldwide one week later.

What is a hybrid mobile game? ›

Hybrid casual games are a mix of casual games and mid-core games. They may look like hyper casual games on the surface, but they have many more challenges and require more skill. Hybrid casual games are growing in popularity as people demand more depth, but still easy games.

Why is cracking games illegal? ›

At its simplest, pirated games are those that have been “cracked” by bypassing digital rights management (DRM), technology designed to protect copyrighted content. By doing so, they allow users to access and play the titles without paying their developers or distributors.

Is video game leaking illegal? ›

Yup. Not legal and could probably be a decent lawsuit against the company abusing DMCA but it won't stop until that happens.

What is the biggest leak in gaming history? ›

2. Grand Theft Auto 6. 2022 saw one of the worst video game leaks. After Rockstar's servers were hacked by an alleged 17-year-old, over 90 clips of Grand Theft Auto 6, which is undoubtedly the most anticipated game of all time, were dumped on social media worldwide.

Can you get sued for leaking a game? ›

If you leak it by a week or more, and you pick one of the more vindictive companies, Rockstar is one of those, they can get you taken down. There's POTENTIAL if they can prove damage, and if they really want to, they can argue that spoiling the game enough, could get you actually sued.

What is toxic in gaming? ›

A toxic gamer is a player who has a bad attitude in an online gaming context. These players are players who are constantly complaining, swearing, being rude, acting out towards other payers, and bringing other players down. These players are considered toxic players.

Is PS6 coming out? ›

Sony's PlayStation 6 release anticipated with sparse details available. Potential PS6 release speculated for late 2026 based on Sony's release history. Rumored features include built-in wireless charging, enhanced VR integration, and potential digital-only option.

Is the PS5 at the end of life? ›

Typically, consoles like the PlayStation have a lifespan of around seven years before they are replaced by newer models. With the PS5 nearing the end of its cycle, consumers may hesitate to purchase it, anticipating the release of a successor in the near future.

Is PS3 being discontinued? ›

As of 2023, the “PlayStation 3 (PS3)” has been officially discontinued by Sony, and production has ceased. The current-generation console during this period is its successor, the “PlayStation 4 (PS4)”.

What is a hybrid gamer? ›

Hybrid is the new mixed gameplay experience based on the success of games that combine two or more types of play with multiple design elements from different genres.

Is a hybrid rare? ›

Interfamilial hybrids, such as between chickens and guineafowl or pheasants, are reliably described but extremely rare. Interordinal hybrids (between different orders) are few, but have been engineered between the sea urchin Strongylocentrotus purpuratus (female) and the sand dollar Dendraster excentricus (male).

What type of game is hybrid? ›

Hybrid casual games often have puzzle-solving, strategy, and skill elements and can be played in short bursts or for more extended periods. They may also have social features, such as the ability to play with or against other players online. ' Examples of hybrid casual games include Candy Crush, Bejeweled, and Tetris.

Why is leaking a game bad? ›

It undermines the work of the developers by exposing an unfinished product to the world. A lot of the damage this could cause to developers (effects on their creativity, budgets, and team morale) could go unnoticed.

Do leaks hurt games? ›

Leaks can be exciting for gamers, but they can also do serious damage to the games and companies behind them! Welcome to MojoPlays and today we're looking at prominent games that were negatively impacted by leaks prior to release.

Why do people keep leaking games? ›

Intentional Game Leaks: Frustrated Staff

In many cases, it's developers that decide to leak game content. A common theme for developers leaking game content involves "heavy crunch," where the team has longer hours with proportionally less compensation.


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