9 Obstacle Course Ideas for Kids that are Super Simple (2024)

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13 Apr

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I’m here to show you that obstacle course ideas for kids, like these shared below, can be easier to put together than you think.

The idea of making an obstacle course hasalways stops me in my tracks.

I mean, my kids love obstacle courses. They’re amazing gross motor activities. There’s really no going wrong with them.

We have a love of Gross Motor Activities! Here’s a Week of Active Indoor Activities for you to download.

But…. setting them up? Holy cow, they seem like a lot of planning involved.

However, I’ve come to realize they really don’t have to be. It can be pretty simple, or you can make it more complicated if you’d like.

My mom even sets up an obstacle course for the kids every once in awhile. They live on the farm, so it usually consists of a hay bale or two and they’re always a blast!

And the boys make obstacle courses for each other in our hallway….

9 Obstacle Course Ideas for Kids that are Super Simple (1)

Take out the Anxiety and just have all the Fun

No-Anxiety-All-Fun obstacle courses are our goal!

I’m sharing some ideas for an obstacle course that we’ve done in the past that were a huge hit with the kids, as well as some ideas I’ve found for inspiration.

… and these obstacle courses are super simple to make. I promise!

9 Obstacle Course Ideas for Kids that are Super Simple (2)

Super Simple Obstacle Course Ideas for Kids that are Easy to Setup (I Promise!)

  1. Spy Training Obstacle Coursefor kids from One Creative Mommy. An agility course that includes stepping through rings (just throw out some rings!), crawling under a table, and a tightrope!
  2. We did a Learning Obstacle Course. Super simple, just stick sticky notes everywhere with letters (or numbers, math problems, etc) and make them answer then and then stomp on it! Put them in odd places, on tables chairs, and under them.
  3. Make an activity obstacle courseby designating small areas to do a quick task (like jump 3 times, spin around, or something else). Have them carry something from beginning to end to complete the course.
  4. Our string obstacle course is always a favorite and really easy to do. Thread the string back and forth between a hallway of chairs. Clip items to the string and have your child remove the items as they crawl, or step through the course.
  5. If you have PVC pipes, this obstacle course is fun to set up in the backyard! Make tunnels to crawl under, hurdles to jump over and poles to weave through.
  6. Take sidewalk chalk to the next level and create this super simple sidewalk chalk gross motor obstacle course.
  7. Set up a tape obstacle course and have your kids jumping, balancing and so much more! This is awesome from Adventures at Home with Mum.
  8. Animal Obstacle Course from Lalymom. This is fun for little kids, and oh-so-simple to set up! Go hunt for some animals now!
  9. Have your kids collect objects as they slither through a spy obstacle course!

Bonus Obstacle Course for Crawlers!Young kids can get in on the action too, even if you have a crawler. Set up couch cushions and pillows to have them crawl over and under propped up cushions! See our crawler obstacle course.

I think I just pumped myself up to make one… these don’t look too hard after all. What about you?

Will you make an obstacle course for your kids soon?

9 Obstacle Course Ideas for Kids that are Super Simple (3)


About Jamie Reimer

Jamie learned to be a hands on mom by creating activities, crafts and art projects for her three boys to do. Jamie needed the creative outlet that activities provided to get through the early years of parenting with a smile! Follow Jamie on Pinterest and Instagram!

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9 Obstacle Course Ideas for Kids that are Super Simple (2024)


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